Development Training

I set myself a goal of improving every team I work with, partly achieved through one to one sessions, coaching and target setting, but also through dedicated training sessions - I can bring these training sessions to you, both in your office and online.

The list below contains the courses I've run in the past, and are ready to go. If you would like to book one of the courses below or request another, custom course, please get in touch using the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.

Craft CMS

Introduction to Craft CMS development

Covers: General configuration, field types, sections/entries, the plugin store, deployment best practices, building your first craft cms plugin.


Introduction to Wordpress development

Covers: General configuration, Advanced Custom Fields, post types, plugin installation, deployment best practices, building your first wordpress plugin.

Introduction to Wordpress Gutenberg

Covers: Using the Gutenberg editor, building blocks for the editor, plugin recommendations.

Server Administration

Website focussed server administration

Covers: How to setup a web server, how to manage cron jobs, how to secure the server from attacks, DNS overview, how to softlaunch and go live with your website.


How to write technical documentation

Covers: Identifying your target audience, selecting and defining terminology, identifying what needs to be documented, accounting for (and highlighting) potential issues, providing checkpoints.


Fill in the form below if you would like to enquire about a training session. Please make sure you list the course you would like to do/suggest and the dates that suit you.